From attending a loose button to perfecting the fit of a blazer, New Age Dry Cleaners own in-house tailors can do almost any repairs or alterations to your garments. Each of our tailors bring their own individual flare to tailoring ensuring the principle of customising your garment to your request. We are particularly loved for restoring vintage clothing and couture attire.New Age Dry Cleaners are one of the Best London Dry Cleaners and Launderers, collecting and delivering laundry and dry-cleaning right across London.

Repair & AlterationsPrice
Shirt shorten hemfrom £25.00
Shirt t/in side seamsfrom £25.00
Shirt shorten sleevefrom £20.00
Shirt s/sleeve with ventfrom £30.00
Shirt buttonfrom £3.00
T.shirt shortenfrom £15.00
T.shirt take infrom £22.00
Skirt full re-linefrom £60.00
Skirt zipfrom £18.99
Skirt shortenfrom £25.00
Skirt shorten + liningfrom £35.00
Skirt half re-linefrom £30.00
Jacket shorten sleeve orignfrom £75.00
Jacket shorten hemfrom £75.00
Jacket take in side seamfrom £45.00
Jacket shorten sleevesfrom £28.00
Jacket lengthen sleevefrom £28.00
Jacket lea elbow patchfrom £30.00
Dress zipfrom £25.00
Dress invisible zipfrom £25.00
Evening dress shortenfrom £45.00
Dress shortenfrom £40.00
Dress shorten + liningfrom £50.00
Dress t/in waist + sidesfrom £65.00
Dress let out hipsfrom £65.00
Dress take in hipsfrom £65.00
Trouser shorten pln hemfrom £15.99
Trouser shorten t-upsfrom £18.99
Trouser lengthenfrom £22.00
Trouser take in waistfrom £19.99
Trouser let out waist + seatfrom £19.99
Trouser new invisible zipfrom £15.00
Trouser new zipfrom £15.00
Trouser 1/2 pocketfrom £25.00
Trouser full pocketfrom £35.00
Trouser shorten + tapefrom £21.00
Trouser taper legfrom £21.00
Trouser patchfrom £10.00
Trouser buttonfrom £3.00
Jeans buttonfrom £3.00
Shorten jeans originalfrom £15.99