We dry clean all manner of household items whether it is cushion covers, settee covers, rugs and even curtains. You can feel reassured in the knowledge that all your household items can be cleaned and restored to their best possible condition in a way that looks after the fibres, so they last longer, and avoids colour runs and bleeds. For curtains which have mould stains or sun damage on the lining we can re-line them to extend their life. We also offer a take-down and rehanging service if required.


K/size duvet coverfrom £9.50
Double duvet coverfrom £8.50
Single duvet coverfrom £7.00
K/size flat sheetfrom £8.50
Double flat sheetfrom £7.50
Single flat sheetfrom £6.00
K/size feather duvetfrom £35.00
Double feather duvetfrom £30.00
Single feather duvetfrom £25.00
Pillowfrom £10.00
Pillow casefrom £2.00
Feather pillowfrom £15.00
King size duvetfrom £28.00
Double duvetfrom £25.00
Single duvetfrom £20.00
Linen sheetfrom £11.99
Bedspreadfrom £25.00
Double blanketfrom £25.00